Black Galactic

Outpost mission

FIRST BLACK GALACTIC MISSION-DAY ONE——————————————————————————————-


psy this is the first report of titanguard squad led by solar starfire and you would not believe the day we’ve had our briefing took place during the jump to the Adega system on the outer rim i heard a lot of stories about the place but had never been there, we were informed that the planet itself was lush and tropical with a large bio-mass and that it had two moons one like the planet was lush while the other was barren.

after searching through the black galactic records all that was known was the existence of a pre-empire base a republic base to be exact and early on the squad decided it would be a good idea to check there first, the trip was less than eventful apart from me and dak getting along and hec wanting and nearly trying to blow up sen-kabi I tell you that kids going to get shot by a team mate one of these days haha.

as soon as we launched we split up into two groups with solar taking half and leaving dak in charge of us we nice soon located a ship not far from us that turned out to be a imperial frigate looking for pirates, after convincing them that we could be of mutual help they let us pass to the tropical moon.

once we landed dak stayed behind and me, nice, kabi and hec moved off to scout out the base, once we got within a reasonable distance we sent kabi ahead to recon the area (I don’t care how stupid that kid is he can defiantly do a good job) after the coast was clear we moved in through what we presumed to be the front entrance we were met by a corridor that branched off into different rooms and hallways after taking positions I carefully opened to door to find it booby-trapped the explosion washed over the KATAR armour I wore but hec wasn’t so fortunate and found himself waking up with a headache.

it was at this moment when things got interesting we heard a noise from what appeared to be from the best of our knowledge the middle room, after approaching the door we made ourselves ready and opened it to find a Reek a REEK!!!! after firing several shots and throwing some grenades we decided the beat course of action was to RUN!! we rounded one corner where I remembered the booby-trapped rooms where I took up position by the door hec ran round the other corner and began setting a charge while nice decided to shoot the reek from behind in order to get its attention.
after running at me and missing me instead hitting through the room setting off the explosives it then ran to where hec had set the explosives stopping directly above the bomb much to hec’s amusement in exploded into a fountain of parts and red rain (well done hec this armours not easy to keep clean as it is) haha ive never heard hec laugh so much “hurhurhurhurhurhur”
after checking for spare equipment we returned out side where kabi managed to give us the warning before a sniper bolt flew right over our heads however after hec managed to obliterate her cover kabi managed to stun her while me and nice managed to apprehend her for questioning much to hec’s dismay.

we brought her back to the ships where I began to talk to her, all she was able to tell me was her number and psy you recognised the bounty hunter group that she worked for, after having a quick discussion with her superiors it appears as if they’ve left her and are unable t extract her with us present I have a plan but I don’t know if it’ll work and I don’t know what everyone will think of it we’ll have to just wait and see

1st log by Kilo 4C5-223-K1

END OF RECORDING————————————————————————————————————————-


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