Black Galactic

Training Days

Training from Hell

The new recruits seem to have settled in well. I can tell they are still making up their minds… about me, each other, the Commander and, some of them, Black Galactic itself. Still, they gave Elite Squadron a surprise in the ‘No Deadline’ escort test. One of them was even prepared with sensor skills to prevent the new A-Wing sensor assault projectors. There was no way they should have dropped almost half of the Elites but the idiots gambled instead of concentrating their fire power and took it far too casually. I heard yesterday that they are livid and are just dying for annother ‘real’ crack at our new young guns. I say young but more than one of this lot appear to be vetrens of the Clone Wars… I know I don’t know where recruitment digs up these old fossils but there you have it.

They went down in the end of course but achieved the objective extra to spare thanks to that Tale character… knows his way around a boat that one. I have a feeling this dquadron will work out fine even if they do seem a little too ready to shoot on sight!

Hmm, it’s been a couple of days, seems my faith was well placed. They aced the ground insertion ‘Ion Blast mission’. Not only did they land first the managed to persuade the port to delay their competition. Scouted the area found the weaker and more efficient entry point and their sniper popped a guard for so far back they couldn’t even see the lazer go off! It could not have been smoother. Hacking their way into the base they moved like a trained commando squad, but then again one of them is an ex-commando so maybe that shouldn’t have surprised me.

They moved through the base dealing with alarm difficulties and guards efficiently and didn’t let their success go to their heads either…. which needless to say gives me a lot of hope for the future after what happened with the last lot. Instead of using doors they entered a less secure area blew through the wall and took out the entire control area in EXPLOSIVE style. In and out no questions no confusion and managed to drop their pursuit as well.

All in all I’ve not seen Ion Blast done so well in my entire time here.

Signing off… hope this training from Hell has got them prepared for the real thing!


Mask Mask

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