Name Hec
Age 42
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeworld Fondor
Height 186cm
Weight 98kg
Rank Flight Officer
Callsign Titan 6


Blaster:Heavy Blaster Pulse-22 7D
Melee Combat
Melee Parry
Dodge 6D
Starfighter Piloting Blaster Repair 3d+1
Starship Shields Armour Repair:Powersuit repair 5d
Starship Gunnery 4d Demolitions 4d


Heavy Blaster Pistol
2 frag grenades
1 block of detonite/cemtex (don’t pat him on the back too hard!)

Blast Vest
Blast Helm

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Hec’s role is close range fire power support and demolitions expert for the Titanguard fighter squadron attached to the dreadnaught Might of Chronos.
His direct superior is Commanding officer is Commander Sola Starfyre

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History: Common Knowledge

Hec remembers very little of his life prior to the last months of the Clone Wars, he fought for the Techno Union as a demolitions expert, and this has left him rather slow to remember things (like to answer when people say his name, and to fall back after pressing the red button on one of his bombs). When their army was disbanded by the Empire at the end of the war he was given a job in the BlasTech factory manufacturing blaster pistols. He spent several years trying to rebuild his personality as a good valuable member of the community going so far as to try and start a relationship with the canteen attendant at the factory (ahh Bludmilda, how he loved her tepid synthgruel). Unfortunately willingness can only take you so far on its own in social circles and eventually Hec gave up on his new life and tried to re-enter the military, the Imperials Turned him down unwilling to look past his slow nature, and his previous military affiliations. Fortunately Black Galactic are more than willing to try and cope with his lack of social skills in order to take advantage of his other more battle ready skills.


Hec is not a pretty individual, whatever he’s been through in his previous life and his battlefield experience have left his head a checkerboard of scars, his close cropped black hair is patchy across his scalp. What he lacks in beauty he makes up for in human bulk at 6’2’ and very broad. As far a clothes go he is rarely seen not wearing his green oil stained, and a little stinky, flight suit.

Political Stance

Hec has no great political affiliations finding it hard to understand the arguments on either side. He does bear a grudge against the Imperials due to the indelicacy of his decommissioning from the Techno Union army and his refused entry into the storm trooper corps after he had killed so many of them (as clone troopers) in the war.


Lacking much understanding of finer (read all) social skills Hec is generally quite an obliviously cheerful person, his sense of humour however is quite blunt and its quite common to hear his distinctive “Hur Hur Hur” laugh during battle situations where he gets to prove his superiority over cleverer people. Additionally he has a poor understanding of social niceties including the rules of ownership and violence.


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