Markus Hurkk

Captain of the Might of Chronos



Dex 4D Per 5D
Blaster 6D+1 Command 9D+2
Dodge 6D Bargain 6D+2
Know 3D Str 3D
Planetary Systems 4D+2 Climb/Jump 4D
Mech 5D Tech 4D
Astrogation 6D
Capital Ship Piloting 7D+1
Capital Ship Gunnery 7D
Capital Ship Shields 5D+2
Space Transports 7D
Starship Gunnery 7D

Known Possessions

Dreadnaught Cruiser: The Might of Chronos (Does he need anything else?)
Blaster Pistol
Comlink: (With Black Frequency Access)

Links with other characters
His EXO is Mina Starfyre
His starfighter squadron’s Commanding Officer is Sola Starfyre

Name Markus Hurkk
Age 36
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeworld Corulag
Height 185cm
Weight 80kg

What is commonly known

Markus Hurkk comes from an imperial military family and graduated from the Imperial Academy on his home world of Corulag.

He is recognised as an excellent officer in BG and being assigned to his command is considered an exciting opportunity, as he often works solo, operating his dreadnaught-class frigate ‘Might of Chronos’ on independent ventures.

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Markus Hurkk

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