Tale Morningstar

Ex-miner, shuttle pilot, wanderer. Looking for answers, or maybe revenge

Name Tale Morningstar
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeworld Rexxon
Height TBC
Weight TBC
Rank Flight Officer
Callsign Titan 12


Dodge 5D
Astrogation 5D Space Transport Repair 5D
Space Transports 5D First Aid 5D
Starship Shields 5D
Starship Gunnery

Move: 10



Blaster Rifle


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Tale’s role is to fly the on-board carrier ship the Name here for the Titanguard fighter squadron attached to the dreadnaught Might of Chronos. His cockpit is immediately deployable as the 12th fighter in the squadron. If deployed his R2 LH4 droid can pilot the ship, but has limited ability to manoeuver or fight.
His direct superior is Commanding officer is Commander Sola Starfyre.

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Tale Morningstar was born on Rexxon, a minor planet far out on the Outer Rim, most notable for its large oceans and deep, valuable mineral desposits. Working alongside his father for a small independent mining operation, Tale learned the rudiments of mechanical engineering as his father’s co-pilot flying the ore haulers from the mine to the processing station in near-Rexxon orbit. After his father, Tobar, died of a lung infection, Tale realised that living on Rexxon, cut off from the rest of the galaxy, was no way for him, his mother, Suzin, and his three younger siblings – Jesa, Syor and Deblin – to live. Talking to some of the starpilots on the processing station, Tale was able to persuade one who’d known his father to let him sign on as an apprentice. Flying cargos of ore from Rexxon to the Hypidera system and then shipping crates of food supplements back was hardly exciting, but it let young Tale send money to his family as well as start saving enough to move them off-world, take them somewhere better. Sadly, it was not to be.

Tale had been working for the freighter captain for over a year when pirates attacked Rexxon. They destroyed the processing station, and conducted surface raids, killing many and carrying off a few for prisoners. Tale’s village was completely destroyed, and there was no way to tell if his family lived or had been captured. Sick with rage, Tale tried to convince the local security force to pursue the raiders, but was unsuccessful. Seeing the anger that filled his protege, Tale’s boss, Marlo ke Daro, took him to join up with Black Galactic. After all, reasoned Marlo, who would know more about the identity of criminals than other criminals?


Tale is tall, but not overly. His rough upbringing made him hale and hearty, if not muscular. He started growing a beard while working on the ore runs, but since the loss of his family it’s gotten a little out of hand. Thick dark hair covers his head, and his skin used to be tan from working outdoors but has gone slightly pasty from a long period of spacework.


Tale is angry about the loss of his family, and he’s looking for revenge. But he doesn’t even know who was responsible for the attack on Rexxon, and his old boss told him that his best chance was with Black Galactic. It’s not a great chance, just his best one. He’s eager to fight and prove himself, and perhaps overconfident about his skills, given that they’ve never really been tested. Money isn’t really a driving force in Tale’s life – although that might change now he’s lost everything.

Political stance

Tale regards the Empire as a benign force for order and stability in the galaxy, and believes firmly that the Empire should have protected Rexxon. For their failure, he blames the Rebellion. If they hadn’t distracted the Imperial Navy, sucked men and ships into a pointless civil war, the Empire would have crushed the pirate gangs that attacked Rexxon. He hasn’t really thought through this mental process yet, but at the moment he blames the Rebellion entirely for the loss of his family.

Tale Morningstar

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