A List of Black Galactic Bases.

When recruited into BG raw recruits are usually assigned only to a ship or task force. It is only after proving themselves trust worthy that they are given a black insignia (Prior to this they are given green insignia). Once they have the black insignia they can be allowed into a second class base and told that 1st class bases exist.

Only those who have worked with BG for some time (At least a year and preferably 3) and shown their trustworthiness (By the completion of successful missions or being involved in direct combat etc) will then be permited to visit and even be stationed at the secret first class bases.

BG has ploted its bases either on worlds which are so crowded they will not draw attention or on worlds so desolate no one knows or cares.

1st Class Bases
Ithor, Ithorian I
Mon Calamari, Quarren II

2nd Class Bases
Hoth Wampa III
Tatooine Jawa IV
Seasenarion Kenchillian V
Yavin Grazer VI

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