As flagship of the escort carrier group FALCON, the Eyrie is skippered by [[]], a male Verpine from the Roche Asteroids. The ships fighter complement are led by [[]]

The Ship

This is a 500 meter Escort Carrier with an incomplete crew complement and less shuttles in order to make room for additional fighter squadrons.

It has a complete crew of just over 2100 individuals, of which 200 are pilots.


  • Point defence twin laser cannons (10)
  • Warhead launchers (2)
  • Standard load: 25 concussion missiles

Starfighter Complement

1 Wing of TIEs (5 TIE/ln and 1 TIC/in)
2 Squadrons of X-Wing fighters

Planetary Assult Complement


Support Craft

2 Shuttles

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