The Gambit is a risky ship and needed an independent and inovative commander so she is led by Captain Se’se, a male furred bimm from Bimmisaari. His EXO is Lieutenant-Commander Queue Trask, a human from Humbarine. The Gambit carries no ground forces and very few fighters. The fighter complement are led by Commander Sith who personally flies as Cloak and Dagger Leader in his personal ship ‘Vader’.

The Ship

The Gambit is a heavily modified Victory Class Stardestroyer II. It has a very small crew for a ship its size and no ground forces. It is an on the edge ship as far as its tactics go. It has extensive computer and slaving devices to allow a minimal crew the ability to pilot it and fire its weapons. It has replaced the excess space with additional targeting, fuel, engine power cells and weaponry, including heavy warhead launchers. It is a specialised ship to ship destroyer and primed for deep space combat though it is capable of atmospheric flight.

It has a complete crew of just over 1100 individuals.


  • Turbolasers (25)
  • Double heavy turbolaser cannons (25)
  • Heavy Ion cannons (20)
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)
  • Heavy Proton Torpeo Launchers (4)
    *48 torpedos

Starfighter Complement

The 2 squadrons on board are the elite Cloak and Dagger Squadrons led by the enigmatic creature called Commander Sith who flies in a specially personalised ship called Vader which is hyperspace capable. Sith leads the 2 squadrons as if they were one large squadron of 24 ships rather than two seperate ones. These modified TIE/ads are painted in black with a red outline (once the pilot has a kill). They are shielded and their lazerfire is particularly noteworthy as they use prototype rapidfire twin-linked dual-lazer cannons.

2 TIE/ad squadrons
+Sith in ‘Vader’

Planetary Assult Complement

No Planetary Assult forces. 100 special troopers called ‘The Chance Squad’ form its on board security.

Support Craft

1 landing barge (for evacuations and resupply)
4 Lambda-Class shuttles

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