Put together by a hidden leadership, this organisation is the single most powerful private army in the galaxy. Despite repeated espionage attempts the highest levels of the command structure and the more important bases have remained secret.

Due to its open business policies and the difficulties involved with directly attacking so powerful a foe the Galactic Empire has decided that Black Galactic are not a direct threat to the Empire as a whole. Certain Moffs and Admirals have a different view but with no direct orders to hunt down and destroy this military giant it has not been undertaken. Right now the Rebels (aka the Alliance to Restore the Republic) is a much more direct and active threat to the Empire as a whole.

BG’s intentions, other than to promote themselves as an organisation and business are as unclear as their ultimate leadership. Currently, they are not a political; power, or at least that is their claim.

BG has garnered members from all sides, especially benefiting from Imperial defectors who HATE the rebellion.

Its bases are run on a class system to prevent spying.

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