The Scimitar is one of the largest and most powerful of Black Galactic’s capital ships and so is captained by Admiral Trace Kathan, a human male from Corellia. His EXO is Captain Jamie Rose, a human female also from Corellia. The ground forces of Scimitar are commanded by Colonel Lo’smarea male Mon Calamari.

The Ship

The Scimitar has worked together with the Sabre in almost every logged combat case. The two form their own fleet Element and usually form the core of the most active fleet Section. The Sabre does not boast the full crew or armament of a fully outfitted Imperial Stardestroyer but most of her enemies could not tell. She has a crew of under 30,000 personnel and has a reduced armament. To compensate for the lack of crew Sabre and Scimitar encorporate an extensive networking hub that slaves their sensors and targeting to each other allowing for unpreciadented co-ordinated manoeuvres and firing. Almost 1000 of the crew on each ship are specially trained techies that have the ‘Network’ designation. The additional space saved from the lower crew, ground forces and armaments leaves space niot only for the Network but also to house an additional squadron of Phantom TIEs and improved power supples for larger engines and more powerful shield generators.


  • Dual heavy turbolaser turrets (6)
  • Dual heavy ion cannon turrets (2)
  • Heavy turbolasers (50)
  • Ion cannons (50)
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)

Starfighter Complement

A full wing of Fighters taken from BG’s elite.
3 TIE/ln squadrons
2 X-Wing squadrons
1 B-Wing squadron

An additional squadron of secret Phantom TIEs equipped with advanced cloaking technology are also included. Scimitar’s squadron is called Shadow Squadron. They are typically manned by members of Syphon BG’s intelligence arm. Silence is commanded by Commander Kishet a rodian.

Planetary Assult Complement

1 Troop regiment of about 2000 men
10 ATATs
15 ATSTs

Support Craft

10 Landing Barges
6 Lambda-Class shuttles
10 Troop Transports
3 Assault Gunboats

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