The Rift is an interdictor class destoryer is led by Captain At’Sara, a male Bothan from Caamas. Who is prefers to carefully outthink trap and render his opponent helpless before moving in fior the kill. This personality suits his and the Sentry’s mission to guard bases and prevent hit and run attacks.

The Ship

The Rift is a standar interdictor cruiser (ie an Immobilzer 418)with a specific mission to defend BG’s hidden bases with various sections of the fleet.

It has a complete crew of just over 2100 individuals.


Due to its role Sentry has a disproportionate number of ion cannons compared to lazer cannons.
Gravity well projectors (4)
Quad-Lazer Cannons (10)
Tractor beam projectors (2)
Ion Cannons (10)

Starfighter Complement

2 TIE/nl squadrons

Planetary Assult Complement

No Planetary Assult forces.

Support Craft

4 Shuttles

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