Clone Commando

Name Kilo
Age 38
Gender Male
Race Clone human
Homeworld Kaminio
Height 183cm
Weight 79kg
Rank Flight Officer
Callsign Titan 3


Blaster 5D
Blaster Rifle:DC-17 7D
Grenade 5D
Melee Combat
Melee Parry
Dodge 5D
Streetwise Brawling
Intimidation Lifting
Starfighter Piloting 4D Blaster Repair
Starship Shields 4D Armour Repair
Starship Gunnery 4D Droid Repair:PH4 Series 3D

extension cables
Droid T3PH4

DC-17m interchangeable weapon system + grenade launcher attachment
Combat knife’s x3
viber blade
2 EMP detonators
2 concussion grenades
Light blaster pistols x2

Clone commando standard KATAR-armour with helmet.
2 changes of civilian clothes for investigation (Including favourite hat and trench coat)
Utility belt
pistol holsters x2
combat knife sheaths x2

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Kilo’s role is weapon specialist and infiltration for the Titanguard fighter squadron attached to the dreadnaught Might of Chronos.
His direct superior is Commanding officer is Commander Sola Starfyre

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h4.History: Common Knowledge

Kilo was a specialist clone commando and fought through the majority of the clone wars.
He fought on multiple planets during the Clone Wars including: Geanosis, Mageeto, Rylon, Raxxis, Mon Calamari, Corruscant, Kamino and just about anywhere else that his squad was called to. He has served under the command of 4 jedi in the past. On Ryloth serving under the command of Mace Windu and on Mon Calamari under Ankin Skywalker and Kit Fisto. He spent a lot of the end of the war fighting on Raxxis where he met Rees Alrix as a Jedi Knight. Later, he ended the war serving under her as his Jedi General on Sullust.

After Order 66 he survived on Mandalor, where he took up any job he could to follow his orders, “Do what ever it takes and survive.” For a long time he worked as little more than a slave, until he was invited into the Mandalorian arena after nearly killing an armed robber, but instead beating him to a pulp. He entertained in the arena and his reputation grew. This was how he came to the attention of Sola Starfyre a captain in Black Galactic who recruited him into that organisation.


kilo is the biological clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett due to this he has inherited all of his features including skin colour hight and bone structure, however there are a few things that distinguish him from the run of the mill clone appearance, he has a short hair with a single stripe of white (an anomaly during the cloning proses) running horizontally along the right side of his head he has a small well kept beard with two claw marks breaking the hair line, his armour is white and deep blue with a column of yellow V’s running vertical down his helmet his armour is also stained in multiple places with blaster marks from it being hit but not penetrating the armour.

Political Stance

Although kilo holds a deep hatred for both the Galactic Empire and the Emperor he also thinks of the rebels as fool’s fighting a foolish war. He instead holds to the hope that one day he’ll get his chance to make a difference in the battle to re-stablish the great Galactic Republic


Despite having fought in and survived the majority of the Clone Wars it is amazing how Kilo/c45-223-k1 hasn’t become bitter although their have been several complaignts that he talks to himself on a regular basis. He still enjoys a laugh and is level headed he is generally a pleasent person to be around, but when it comes to battle he is solemn and calculated and some would say cold and others even cruel.


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